Monday, January 30, 2012

Altering Destiny- UPDATE

I love listening to my iPod on shuffle. I usually think of a specific song I want to listen to, start with that one and then let the shuffler do its work. Sometimes I'll be listening to a randomly selected song that I'm less than enthused about, and simultaneously a different song that I really want to hear will come into my mind.

Then begins a great battle in my head. Do I ignore my desire to switch songs and stay on the path that the shuffling algorithm has set for me? What if the very next song it chooses inspires me or touches my soul? If I switch to my desired song, I just might miss something special!

Or do I succumb to the craving for the song I want at the moment, thereby causing a chain reaction of completely different songs that I wouldn't have been disposed to listen to otherwise? But what if every song it chooses afterward leaves me cold and unhappy?

Do I stay the course and hope for a bright and glorious future? Or do I tempt fate and alter my destiny, for good or evil?

I just really want to listen to Elton John's "I've Seen the Saucers".

UPDATE 1/31/11- I elected to defy the Shuffle Algorithm gods and listened to my song (with much satisfaction, I might add). In an act of vengeance for my lack of respect, they smote my iPod with a mighty blow, rendering it useless to me. Everything was erased! All my attempts to save my iPod were futile. I got error after error after error. So, with much sorrow in my heart, I was forced to restore it to factory settings. I now begin the long journey of recovery. I swear, I shall never stray from the path again.

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  1. That's actually terrifying. Now I'm never gonna mess with my shuffle again.