Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bachelor #10: The Women Go CRAZY!!!

The Women Tell All. It's a difficult thing for rational people to understand, but somehow it happens. Lorraine took the high-road and skipped most of the episode. I fell deep into its fiery pit. Below are a few of our thoughts. Please forgive us as we read into this silly bubblegum show more than we probably should.

me: ‪Hey!‬ What did you think?

Lorraine: ‪So....I started to watch it, and couldn't. I started to watch the highlight reel...and I couldn't. I youtubed "courtney's apology" and kept waiting for them to let her talk. And then I finally gave up and watched Ellen Degeneres' spoof of it, and found that to be satisfactory.‬


me: ‪Courtney high-pitch whispered a lot about how she was under a lot of pressure and that's why she was mean. She said she was a really nice person. And then she cried tears.‬ I don't know if they were real, but there was actual moisture which is a good sign.

Lorraine: ‪I thought I saw some pink around her pupils in the youtube clip, so that's good.‬

me: ‪I had a really hard time with her apology and the reasons are two-fold. First- Nobody lives their lives as a kind-spirited person, then gets onto a TV show, turns into an awful split-personality psycho, and then as soon as they’re off, turns back into a sweetheart. That just doesn't happen.‬

Nice people don't suddenly turn mean, as evidenced by many of the nice girls in the house. They didn't wig out, neither should she.‬

‪Secondly- She was kind of reminding me a little of Scarlett O'Hara after Frank Kennedy got killed. She was actually feeling bad, but it came from a place of "Oh no, now I'm having to deal with these consequences and what people think of me" and not because what she did was wrong. Does that make any sense?‬

Lorraine: ‪Ahhh, a lovely Gone With the Wind reference, and I think that's a totally fair anology.‬

me: ‪almost‬

Lorraine: ‪*analogy. I can spell‬. srsly.

me: ‪got it!‬


me: ‪Anyway, I feel bad for the villains on these shows because the girls can definitely get way carried away and go nutso on them and I don't like seeing that either, but really I don't feel too terribly sorry for Courtney. What goes around comes around.‬

Lorraine: ‪I'm going to dive a little deep here for a moment, so bear with me, but while I don't feel too terribly bad for Courtney, I DO feel bad for Women as a whole. I don't think anything more clearly displays the atrocious weaknesses of the modern American woman more than the Women Tell All episode of the Bachelor.‬

me: ‪Do explain.‬

Lorraine: ‪It shows us to be vicious, jealous, unforgiving, petty, trite, impatient, and willing to talk over each other. It shows American viewers that women in packs are irrational and emotional, and when people start generalizing our gender to be like these women, who are supposedly "the good guys" in this scenario, then it becomes very easy to dismiss us as a whole. We are so much better than this! (and it really does become a gender issue when you compare this to Men Tell All episodes of the past).‬

me: ‪Oh I definitely agree. It's like The View. It seriously gives us a bad reputation, when the reality is I have never ever ever been in a crazy, shrill, over-the-top, disrespectful discussion like that. While there are always a few girls that rise above it, the majority of the girls take the opportunity to let loose and dismiss their better sense. Even though the very idea of the WTA episode encourages it to happen, I mean it's the whole point and I'm sure the producers prod them along, I wish there were more girls that would choose to behave with civility.‬

Lorraine: I think you said it very well. There is something very powerful and rare about individuals who choose to show grace under fire, and forgiveness and understanding, especially when you have a "free pass" to let loose. I find it especially disappointing in someone like emily who is representing herself as the smart doctor academic, but has the attitude of a drunk girl at da club.‬

‪Of the small clip I saw, I have to admit that while of course Courtney was horrible, all they did was prove they are all horrible too. Their collective argument that "we didn't say those things, WE didn't self destruct" as they all scream over each other at one woman, is completely hilarious.‬

me: ‪I hope people realize that the Bachelor world in general is just a crazy microcosm that doesn't represent reality, but who knows.‬

For most of the episode I actually thought Emily was excellent and well spoken and had some very valid points. Jennifer the Red-Head Accountant turns out to be horrible. Samantha was a nightmare. ‪It’s cute that Kacie and Nicki are BFFs. Blakeley got a lot of guff that I didn't feel she deserved. She's a little different, but she seems like a nice enough person.‬

Lorraine: ‪I agree. I was team blakeley. romper and all.‬

me: ‪Ugh the romper. I die. The other thing I hated was seeing poor Shawntel re-living the horror of her night among the "ladies". Most of the girls actually became very contrite and truly apologetic because they knew they were out of control.‬

Lorraine: ‪well, the good news is that if all the rumours are true, Shawntel may yet get her chance with Benjamin.‬

me: ‪Whoa whoa whoa.... I haven't read any spoilers... Don't tell me. I think I want to be surprised.‬

Lorraine: ‪not spoilers, just people speculating. I promise!‬

me: ‪Surprised. Ha! As if the ending of this entire journey hasn't been a forgone conclusion for weeks now. Psh.‬

‪My favorite moment of the night was when they showed my favorite Bachelor contestant of all time, the wonderful Reid Rosenthal during the “where are they now” segment. Be still my little ol' heart.‬

Lorraine: ‪oh, that part I would actually WANT to see!‬

me: ‪Also, question: Why in the world do they edit out all the moments where our Bachelor Ben showed hints of personality and save them for the blooper reel? We could definitely have used some of that during this death dirge of a season.‬

Lorraine: ‪ha! Poor earth tones Ben, and his personality that is as dead as his part. I will have to see that, because I don't believe it haha‬

It's true, my friends. Unbelievable but true.

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