Monday, December 19, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Has my blog been a little Negative Nelly lately? It's so weird because I like WAY more stuff than I don't like. This stops immediately! In honor of Christmas, I'm going to give you a list of some of the things that I love. I'll try really hard not to get sentimental, but I make no guarantees! Stop reading now if you hate feelings.

1- Pancakes, waffles, french toast, anything you can drench in butter and syrup.
2- Twinkly christmas lights.
3- Mustard. Lots of it.
4- Music. I could write for days about all the particulars, but I'll spare you. For the sake of specificity and because I'm listening to him now, James Taylor.
5- Ducks. Oh my, they're cute. Not when they're mating though. Brutal. Have you seen this? It ruined me forever. It was fowl.
6- Potatoes. Any time, any way.
7- Baby laughter. Oh my goodness. Heart melts.
8- The Sound of Music. (See title of this post.)
9- The mountains. Hiking in them, camping in them, looking at them. I love the mountains.
10- Baked goods. Mmm Mmm Good.
11- Being creative. Or rather trying to be creative, occasionally succeeding.
12- My fambly. They're my BFFs. It's awesome having a family that genuinely enjoys one another. (Watch. One of my brothers will comment on this and tell me to speak for myself.)
13- Allegedly, this is an unlucky number. To avoid the risk of jinxing anything I'll skip directly to 14.
14- Here comes the sentimentality. I knew I couldn't hold it in. My niece and nephew. I wish I could explain the way I feel about them. Here's the best I can do. They light my soul. I love them big time. I'd do anything for them, dear, anything.
15- Hot water + water pressure= Amazing! I went without either for about a week and almost lost my mind. Talk about taking such a luxury for granted!
16- Dark Shadows. (To the deprived people who don't know what this is: I'll explain it to you later.)
17- I feel like I need another food item... I love food... Cheese. Cheese is good.
18- Travelling. I want to see the whole world. What little I've already seen, I've loved. Mostly.
19- Reading. Library, Be Mine.
20- The fact that this here list could go on and on and never be long enough. I have so so much to be grateful for, it's crazy. I feel like I've won the blessing lottery.

It's nice to sit and take account of all the wonderful things in life. I hope all 5 of you that read my blog have a beautiful Christmas surrounded by people and things that you love. Merry Christmas!!!

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