Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fake Halloween Mystery

It was a dark and stormy All Hallows Eve Eve. Children were running about in their various costumes soliciting neighbors and strangers alike for treats of all kinds. Dry leaves crunched underfoot as I walked up an old friend’s walk towards his front door, a cold wind sending a chill up my spine. My eyes adjusted as I entered his brightly lit front room. I set my purse on the couch beside me as we made small talk for a couple of minutes. Just then I remembered that I had not checked my cell phone in the hour it had taken me to drive to my destination. I reached inside my deep purse and began feeling around when my fingers brushed something unfamiliar. It felt long, smooth and flat. I grasped it and drew it from the shadowy depths of my purse into the light.


Desperately, I reached in again to find the dismembered pair of sunglasses, and to my utter horror I pulled out the other one, also detached.

It was then that I found the lenses, rendered completely useless by this disturbing turn of events. How could this have happened? These $8.00 sunglasses had been fully functional only hours before! Now, suddenly and without ceremony, they were completely destroyed.

There’s only one explanation. It must have been the malicious ghouls of faux Halloween, stealthily entering my purse and wreaking havoc upon the effects therein.

With sadness, I bid farewell to my old friends, the sunglasses. We shared truly remarkable experiences together. I will never forget them.

My sunglasses and me in Moab.

My sunglasses and me in Hawaii. And my best bud, Annie.

I close with a warning! Beware the day before Halloween when the real Halloween lands on a Sunday in Utah! The ghosts will find you. Their mischief knows no bounds!

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  1. Buy a glasses repair kit and see if any of the screws fit. It's not to late! Stand up against the ghastly denizens of faux-Halloween night!