Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Do I Live?

I'm such an embarrassing person I sometimes wonder how I've survived in this world.  Not only that, but how I've managed to learn to live with myself and really enjoy an almost normal life.  Yesterday I went to the drive-up ATM at my bank.  I pulled up really close to it because I hate when I'm hanging out my window to complete my transaction.  I reached my hand out the window to insert my card, realized I had it the wrong way, and started turning it when a big gust of wind picked up and blew my card right out of my fingers and sent it flying out in front of my car.  Then I made this face:

I began to open my car door to retrieve the card, but I was too close to the ATM to get enough space to respectably climb out.  I sucked in and awkwardly made my way around my car door, squeezed along my car and picked up my card.  I looked up at the guy in the big red truck waiting in line behind me and gave a sheepish half-smile.  He drooped his head in embarrassment for me.  I squeezed and wriggled my way back into my vehicle, finished my transaction, and sped away.  Then I noticed a dull pain in my back.  Of course I would pull a muscle withdrawing cash from an ATM.  Because it wouldn't be me if everything went smoothly.

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