Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My friend Garit and I were team rowing in a little yellow raft on Lake Tahoe, enjoying the water, the sun and the beautiful woods around us. Garit pointed over to the shore where we saw a beautiful old tree. It's roots were big and exposed. They jutted away from the earth, forming a little cave between the roots and the hillside.

"Oh wow! That's cool!" I said. "You could hide from a Black Rider under there!"

I then proceeded to explain how Gandalf came to possess one of the three rings of power originally given to the Elves.


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  1. ah yes, Narya the Ring of Fire.
    (thank you wikipedia!)

    when you said "hide from a Black Rider" I admit it took me a minute to know what you were saying ;)

    you are totally a LotR's nerd!