Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saying Please Doesn't Make You Polite

Have you ever spoken to someone and they're saying "Please" and "Thank you" but they have a tone and demeanor that says "Hurry up and do what I want" and "I don't like you"? They think they're being polite, but they're really arrogant, condescending, patronizing, selfish, and rude. I would rather have a box full of over-ripe greasy brown bananas hovering 2 feet from my nose for an entire month than talk to people like that.


  1. I once answered the phone as an intern in DC, and the person on the other end was a filthy rich lobbyist who decided to go to town humiliating a polite intern, while on speakerphone in a board room full of lobbying miscreants who laughed the whole time in the background. I can't repeat the things he said here, but they were so traumatizing that I cried, and then went to the House cafeteria to get some peanutbutter frozen yogurt where I promptly dumped a pint of chocolate sprinkles onto the floor and nearly tripped and killed the NY 48th District's chief of staff (who was surprisingly nice about that). And yup, I still count that person's horrid behavior as one of the worst moments ever, and concur that just about anything (including rotten bananas) would be better than being forced to deal with someone who isn't concerned with basic human decency.

    I respect you, Sibby. You deserve better. And I will toilet paper that person's house if you want.

  2. If I knew where they lived, I would let you! Sometimes people are so difficult! I realized yesterday that I was feeling the way Meg Ryan felt in French Kiss when she talks to that rude concierge. "Because when you say it like that, it just gets underneath my skin, and it makes me... Completely... INSANE!" Ding ding ding ding ding!!! I need to get me one of those little bells.